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Real Estate Videos

Why Real Estate Videos Are So Valuable

In a competitive real estate market where your goal is to earn top dollar for your property, you need to use real estate videos. Designed to provide the full story on what your home looks and feels like, these videos allow a would-be buyer to truly understand what living there will be like. You want them to notice the beautiful architecture, the stunning view from each window, and the expansiveness of the layout. That’s where Chico Real Estate Photography comes into play. We create real estate videos that tell compelling stories that draw buyers in.

Exterior Videos

It is very common for real estate to have exterior videos. These capture a bird’s eye view of the property, allowing a home buyer to see where the home is, what the layout of the property is, and what they’ll find throughout the neighborhood. This is an excellent way of learning about the layout of the area.

Interior Photography

While providing exterior video is important, we also know that quality interior photography matters as well. It can help each property owner to showcase just how beautiful their home is. Whether it is a walkthrough of the home or video that captures the details of just key areas, this is one of the best ways to get people in the door to see your home.


The fact is, people use the internet first to determine which homes to see. If your home doesn’t tell the story you want it to and hit the value mark in the potential buyer’s eye online, they will never step foot onto your property. With these beautiful photos and videos, though, you can entice them in to see just what your home really has to offer. At Chico Real Estate Photography, we can help you tell the story of your home.

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