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Aerial Real Estate Photography

What to Expect in Aerial Real Estate Photography

Are you planning to sell a home? Perhaps you plan to list your home for sale in Chico and want to showcase every detail about it that makes it incredibly valuable and a good place to live. Don’t forget all the views and angles in your photography. A component of that includes aerial real estate photography. It is one of the best ways for you to paint a clear picture of what your home has to offer anyone who plans to live there. Our team at Chico Real Estate Photography can make it happen.

How Are the Images Created?

There are a variety of tools we use to capture fantastic images. We use a drone camera and a few software applications to create clear, beautiful photos from every angle around your home. A key component of this is taking images from a bird’s eye view, which means we are above your home and taking a photo under it. This captures the layout of the home, the yard, and the surrounding area.

In addition to this, it is also possible to capture angles in various directions. That includes views of the street, the neighborhood as a whole, or a few community features that are important to you, such as that park that’s nearby or the main street area. The goal is simply to ensure anyone gets a clear image of what to expect.

Real Estate Drone Photos Do the Selling

It’s quite clear that real estate drone photos can really sell the home. They allow for outstanding views, but they also provide insight into the beauty and function of the community. For many of today’s home buyers, it is important to get a full picture, so to speak, of the region. At Chico Real Estate Photography, we can do this for you with fantastic aerial real estate photography.

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